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How you can still own a slice of The Bahamas in the time of COVID-1

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It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us want to hunker down and live in isolation until the entire crisis is over. And while some are quite content to retreat to country homes or cabins, some have opted to go a bit more luxurious – private islands such as ones in The Bahamas.

This surge in interest in acquiring private islands, however, coupled with the lingering threat of the pandemic, have led to island brokers adopting changes in their routines.

Virtual tours are in

With COVID-19 hampering in-person tours and showings, some brokers and sellers have resorted to using alternative methods as a means to show off properties such as historic and beautiful Old Fort Bay real estate to prospective buyers. These include:

  • Three-dimensional interactive property scans
  • Property tours using Skype and other messaging apps
  • Virtual staging to showcase an island and its amenities

These methods, while quite unorthodox, offer both convenience and safety to both parties, as they won’t be exposing themselves to any unnecessary risk by going out in the middle of a pandemic

Be prepared to inquire but (not yet) buy

People think of tropical islands as being paradise on earth, and while they are indeed beautiful, the ones that are often listed on the market are actually virgin islands –remote, undeveloped, and far from the five-star resort accommodations most people have on their minds.

This often leads to prospective buyers pulling out from what could have been a done deal. To prevent this from happening, real estate experts are helping brokers steer clients to beautiful luxury real estate properties in already developed areas, such as Kamalame Cay – which can only be accessed via seaplane or a private ferry – or Lyford Cay, a private, gated community located in the western tip of New Providence Island.

Kamalame Cay real estate is especially appealing to prospective buyers and investors, not just for its long stretches of swaying palms and tropical foliage, but also for its proximity to sparkling blue waters. Lyford Cay real estate, meanwhile, is prized by members of high society for its exclusivity and opulence, with properties in the esteemed oceanfront community known to fetch high market prices.

Don’t avoid hard truths

It’s not enough for a broker to know the basic information about an island they are selling – they also have to know the nitty-gritty details of it.

For example, if one were to purchase a small island in The Bahamas, the broker should be able to know how much it would cost for the new owner to get access to fresh water as well as avail of construction services.

Brokers will also have to conduct research on how global warming and rising sea levels can affect an island’s shoreline, as this can make or break a possible long-term deal with a buyer.

Crime rates too, will be a deciding factor. This means that a diligent broker must conduct research to check statistics, especially if a buyer wants to purchase real estate in, say, Nassau, in The Bahamas.

It’s time you carved your own space in paradise

Those looking for a luxurious sanctuary can contact the Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group. We specialize in high-end oceanfront and island properties in the tropical paradise that is The Bahamas.

Browse the Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group website to check out the available properties in The Bahamas. If you see something you like, connect with us and our team of competent, top-of-the-line brokers, and soon you’ll have a tropical island property to call your own. Call Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group at 242.502.3400 or email info(at)viceroybahamas(dotted)com to inquire about owning your slice of The Bahamas. You can also drop your message here.

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