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Longer Stays and Remote Work-Friendly Accommodations for Travelers in 2021

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Before the pandemic, vacationers were mostly content with enjoying weekend getaways or “microvacations.” 

Nowadays, however, with the increased prevalence of remote work and distance learning setups, there’s no rush for vacationers to head back home, allowing them to book longer stays in many of the world’s top vacation destinations. 

According to American Express Travel’s Global Travel Trends Report, which surveyed more than 2,000 US consumers and over 1,000 travelers in various countries, 54% of the total respondents say that the added flexibility and freedom of being able to work while traveling is more appealing today than it was before the pandemic. 

Flexible booking options

Many travelers are not hesitating to book their next getaway, with 56% of respondents saying they’re willing to book a trip even if there’s a possibility that they might need to cancel in the future. 

As a result, travel providers now offer more flexible booking options. Once they’ve paid, travelers can (in most cases) cancel their flights, accommodations, and other travel components, even up to the last minute. This is mainly because travel vendors and providers need the revenue stream, so they’ll do what they can to offer flexibility for travelers. 

Extended stay remote working programs

Hotels and accommodations throughout the world are designing long-term packages for travelers who might be looking to work from a relaxing resort instead of their home office. 

The Hyatt Ziva in the Caribbean, for example, is now offering a luxurious extended stay remote work program that includes suite or connecting room upgrades, dedicated workspaces, on-site IT support, high-speed Wi-Fi connections, educational activities for kids, and more, all-inclusive with a minimum 14-night stay. 

The Bahamas Extended Travel Stay Program

Various Caribbean destinations have launched extended stay programs to entice travelers able to work remotely and looking to take advantage of their flexible arrangements. 

Out of all the different versions of these extended-stay programs, one such program offers a truly rare opportunity: living, working, and relaxing across 16 different islands for up to a year. 

The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay or “BEATS” allows travelers to live and work across the country’s 16 picturesque islands, allowing them to pick a spot, live there for a week or two, and then hop on to the next if they please. 

According to The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, the BEATS program is designed so that students and professionals can “pack their laptop and their swimwear as they march to the island rhythm of their own drum, remotely, from The Bahamas.” 

Get into the BEATS

If The Bahamas’ BEATS program sounds like the perfect opportunity, the first step is to apply for a BEATS permit, which costs $1,025. College students who want to apply for the program will need to pay a fee of $525, which is inclusive of the permit and application fee. Incoming visitors are also required to follow all current COVID-19 government protocols and guidelines established in the Bahamas. 

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