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More buyers want to purchase private islands amidst the pandemic

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For most people, protecting themselves from the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic means stocking up on food supplies and personal hygiene and cleaning products, and geting vaccinated.

For some, it means taking to isolation, living out the rest of the lockdowns in secluded mountain cabins and country homes. Or, if you’re part of high society, jeting of to some exotic, private island somewhere in the Caribbean.

According to a news report by CNN, prospective buyers and renters around the world are showing an increased interest in geting private islands, with one broker even noting that he now gets an average of 150 inquiries a day compared to the number he would usually get before the pandemic.

As crazy as moving to a private island might sound though, it’s something that makes perfect sense – especially when one takes into consideration the current state of the world.

With that said, here are some of the benefts one can get from living in a private island:


Island properties, much like the ones you’d get if you buy a Kamalame Cay home, are often accessible only via a seaplane or a private ferry. This means that – save for that supply run every once in a while – you and your family can live in near-total isolation from the rest of the world in your own slice of paradise.

Want a sense of both community and exclusivity? Buying Lyford Cay home might just be the thing for you. Located in the westernmost tip of New Providence Island, Lyford Cay is a gated community that’s famous for its opulent and elegant oceanfront homes, as well as its rich history and complete privacy.

Breathtaking views

One of the reasons why people are making a beeline for private islands during the pandemic is that aside from giving people near-absolute privacy, island properties – just like the many homes that are up for sale in Nassau, Bahamas – also have some of the most beautiful views in the world.

Think long, expansive beaches, lush greenery, and clear, turquoise waters. How’s that for a quarantine view?

A clean environment

Despite the convenience ofered by cities when it comes to services, inhaling polluted air and constant exposure to grime just isn’t a worthy trade-of. It’s a good thing that oceanfront properties like Old Fort Bay exist.

Because of its nature as an exclusive, gated community located in the northwestern part of New Providence Island, geting an Old Fort Bay home means that you’ll be living in a tropical paradise with the amenities of the modern world.

Here’s how you can get your own island home

If you’re in the market for an island home, Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group is here to help.

A frm that specializes in high-end oceanfront and island properties in the tropical paradise that is The Bahamas, Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group can help you get a pristine sanctuary that you can call your own.

Call Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group at 242.502.3400 or email info(at)viceroybahamas(dotted)com to inquire about owning your slice of the Bahamas. You can also drop your message here.

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