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Things to know prior to your first visit to The Bahamas

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An archipelago with more than 700 unique islands, gorgeous beaches, spectacular golf courses, and fve-star hotels and resorts, The Bahamas is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. And with great weather most of the year, travelers can visit The Bahamas anytime.

Now that the world is slowly reopening, here are some handy tips for frst-time visitors to this island paradise.

  1. The latest travel and health advisories
  2. The Bahamas prioritizes the health and well-being of all visitors and locals entering The Bahamas. For a beter look at the travel requirements and guidelines for both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals, check out The Bahamas’ ofcial travel updates.

  3. English is the ofcial language
  4. English is spoken on every island. You might also encounter locals who speak Bahamian Creole, a dialect that combines British English with native dialects.

  5. The US dollar is widely accepted
  6. Bahamian Dollar is the ofcial currency in The Bahamas, but you’ll fnd that US dollars are accepted everywhere. That said, do carry smaller bills if you are shopping locally.

  7. Tipping is customary
  8. Expect 15% gratuity to be included in your restaurant and hotel bill. Make sure to confrm with the establishment if this has been added to your bill before leaving any tip. For most services, it’s common to tip between 10-15%.

  9. Cars drive on the left side of the road

Once a British Crown Colony, The Bahamas retains the British way of driving on the left side of the road. So if you prefer to rent a car and drive, don’t forget to drive on the left side. When crossing the streets, check both directions for safety.

Geting around

Renting a car is an option if you want to go sightseeing on your own. But if you’re only in The Bahamas for a few days, you can book an island tour with your hotel or a local outfter.

Taxis in The Bahamas don’t use meters. Be sure to negotiate the price frst before you board. It is highly advised to pay the driver the agreed fare up front so they

can’t change the price later on. If you’re not sure where to fnd a taxi, ask the front staf of your hotel, resort, or restaurant to hire a licensed taxi for you.

If you plan to travel between Bahamian islands, domestic airlines are available to service your inter-island needs. For Out Islands, simply island hop by boat to get to your destination.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is during the high season from mid-December to mid-April. The weather during these months is cooler, perfect for warm winter getaways. If bargains and small crowds are what you’re after, come during the low season from August to November. During this time, plenty of hotels ofer great deals.

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