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Buying waterfront property in The Bahamas

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Finding your own private paradise by the waterfront is a dream come true. Besides the panoramic views of beautiful Bahamian sunsets, easy access to your favorite water activities is an exciting prospect.

Purchasing a waterfront property is a good investment but before you do so, it is important to know the ups and downs of having one. Factors such as maintenance, limitations, and accessibility can significantly impact your investment and life in The Bahamas.

Below are four things to consider before buying a waterfront property in The Bahamas.

Property maintenance

The thing about waterfront homes is that they are constantly exposed to the elements. Should you buy a waterfront property, expect high temperatures, sea air, and increased levels of humidity to have major effects on its overall condition and equipment. You will also have to ensure that the surrounding areas are well-maintained and free from invasive wildlife.

Apart from regular maintenance, you can protect your investment by purchasing insurance policies that cover flood and hurricane damage, as well as other specific force majeurecircumstances.

Activity restrictions

It is wise to get in touch with the community first and find out if there are any activity restrictions or guidelines in the area. Some waterfront locations are protected conservation areas, while others may be unfit for certain activities.

Knowing what you can and cannot do can help you decide if you will be able to enjoy the property you are eyeing. If the waterfront home is to be a vacation rental, the local lifestyle and nearby activities can affect its desirability.

Privacy and security

Open waters and yards can leave your waterfront property exposed to passing tourists, neighbors, and other prying eyes. There are areas where

boat traffic is a regular occurrence, especially during the peak season.

Crowds of tourists are also to be expected in popular areas.

When choosing a waterfront property, determine the privacy level that is just right for you. Is a little noise okay for you or would you rather bask in complete silence with nothing but the sound of waves and the sea breeze to keep you company? Are you fine with boats passing by the waterfront?

Privacy may be challenging to come by if you are planning to buy a waterfront home near a popular attraction or area. If this is the case, you can look into landscaping and security upgrades as a compromise. But if privacy is a top priority, consider homes for sale in exclusive communities like Old Fort Bay and Lyford Cay.

Investment potential

A waterfront property can be your permanent residence, your vacation house, or an income-generating vacation rental. As you shop around The Bahamas for waterfront homes, think of their investment potential. When it’s not being personally used, it can earn you passive income and increase in value over time.

Acquiring a waterfront property is a big decision to make. Viceroy Luxury Real Estate Group can help you find the best homes for sale in Nassau and in other parts of The Bahamas. You may reach us at 242.502.3400 or info(at)viceroybahamas(dotted)com to learn more.

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