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Why you’ll want to have a dock on your waterfront property

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Owners of waterfront homes are most likely to be boat owners, too. And nothing’s better than having a private dock within one’s slice of the shoreline — especially if that shoreline is part of one of the many beautiful islands of The Bahamas. Not only does it make sense to have one for utilitarian purposes, but it also has a good number of benefits ranging from aesthetics to a boost in property value.

If you have plans of investing in one of the many available waterfront homes for sale in Nassau or anywhere else in The Bahamas, make sure to do the research, especially if you want a private dock on your property. That’s because not all waterfront properties in The Bahamas are allowed to have private docks or marinas.

Here’s a number of reasons why having a dock on your waterfront property is a great idea.

Boat trips minus the stress

Going island-hopping is a great way to unwind. But with no dock on your waterfront property, what should be a relaxing activity could end up being more stress-inducing. There are extra steps to do before and after the boat trip that may, instead, discourage you from heading out to the water at all.

On the other hand, if you have a private dock, all you need to do is fuel the boat, load your cooler, and off you go.

Even the simplest dock is enough

A personal dock need not take too much effort nor break the bank if you want one installed on your property. You can buy and easily install a basic floating dock on your own. Some models can even be delivered to you already fully assembled.

Installing a floating dock is also typically not considered an actual marine construction project. You won’t need the services of a marine contractor, use a special type of equipment, or file permits. The latter depends on the local governing agency, though, so coordinate with your real estate representative to verify this.

Big boost to your property’s value

Whether you are buying a property in The Bahamas to resell in the long term or to rent out, know that the presence of a private dock increases its total value. It will also attract potential buyers or lessees who will most probably be boaters themselves. Moreover, a dock can also be used for fishing, enjoying the waterfront views, or taking in the sea breeze.

Time and money-saver

With your own dock in your waterfront property, you don’t have to line up in public docks. If you have guests who arrive by boat, they can embark and disembark right at your property with ease.

Not relying on public docks also means being able to save money that would have otherwise been spent on recurring docking costs, in addition to the cost of boat ownership.

Peace of mind

Owning a boat is a significant investment. You can ensure its security by parking it in your own private dock instead of docking it at the local marina. This also saves you travel time as you only need to step outside your waterfront home, go to your own dock, and board your boat. You can also have a private security system installed in the perimeter of the dock or hire security personnel.

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