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The Impact of New Travel Trends on the Vacation Rental Market

A woman packing her suitcase during the pandemic

It goes without saying that the travel industry was one of the main industries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did it change how people travel, but it affected various other factors as well including accommodation preferences, stay durations, and valued amenities. 

Although there are still a lot of uncertainties and unforeseeable factors currently surrounding the travel industry, one thing that hasn’t changed is people’s desire to explore and see different parts of the world, despite any new challenges they may face. 

Some trends which emerged due to the pandemic are likely to carry on into the months ahead and continue to dominate the vacation rental industry. Here’s a closer look at some of them: 

Accommodations with enhanced cleaning procedures

Owners of vacation rentals will continue to implement enhanced cleanliness procedures to provide peace of mind for their guests. Travelers may seek out more of the type of experiences they’ve missed before the pandemic, which means enhanced sanitation and safety protocols extend beyond just accommodations, but are also being applied to attractions, shops, and restaurants in tourist hot spots as well. 

Destinations that have safely opened will have a higher demand in the months ahead. 

More flexible bookings

For vacation rental owners, offering flexible cancellation policies and convenient features like self-check-in will be key to increasing bookings. 

In the past, last-minute bookings were seen in a negative light. In the current climate, however, travelers have limited options, and it’s up to hotels and vacation rentals to provide them with the flexibility they need to make planning easier and more convenient. 

Longer stays and remote work accommodations

With remote work entering the mainstream during the pandemic, more travelers will be able to experience a more seamless combination of work and pleasure, allowing them to book longer stays. 

Vacation rentals that already attract families before the pandemic has enhanced their spaces to accommodate busy parents by setting up laptop-friendly areas in rooms, upgrading to high-speed internet connections, and even having on-site IT service. 

For more information on remote work accommodations and vacationers enjoying longer stays, check out our other blog post.

More tech innovations

Technology will play a larger role in rebuilding traveler confidence. We’ll likely see more creative ways of harnessing technology to adapt to the needs and preferences of the new type of traveler post-pandemic. 

Most travelers agree that the use of technology can improve the way we control health risks and that accommodations will need to make use of the latest tech innovations to ensure the safety of their guests. 

For vacation rentals, this trend will mean a stronger desire for self-check-in options. It can branch out to other things too, such as working with food delivery apps that serve the location and making use of more online messaging apps and platforms to communicate with guests. 

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